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  • Sum Idea - An original logic number puzzle - Out Now for iPhone, iPod touch and iPad

    SUM IDEA - A calculated logic number puzzle game that will excite your brain using the simplest of mathematical skills to solve super challenging, sliding number puzzles. Out now, exclusively for iPad, iPhone and iPod touch. Download FREE on the App Store - Read more

  • Tilt & Sprout for iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad

    Tilt & Sprout for iPhone, iPod touch and iPad brings bold rich graphics, intense competition and progressive planning collide in this incredible, grow 'em up, puzzle game - Read more

  • SUM IDEA - A new free-to-play sliding, logic, number puzzle for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. Download for free from the App Store.

SUM IDEA - Out Now on iOS

Compelling free-to-play logic number puzzle

In a calculated world Professor Addkins' will challenge you to solve over 100 brain teasing, sliding number puzzles.

Every move is crucial to earn your goal, with special tiles containing the power to lower, raise or transform the action of adjacent tiles.

Take a thoughtful approach and strategically switch tiles, finding the best tactics to perfectly match the numerical formations to be found in Professor Addkins' ridiculously clever mind.

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  • Tilt and Sprout - A free-to-play grow 'em up, flower, puzzle game that will test your super green fingered reflexes on iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. Download for free from the App Store.

TILT & SPROUT - Out Now on iOS

This Grow 'em up puzzle is a rare flower

A joyfully imaginative free-to-play puzzle game of tight turns, meandering twists and courageous challenges.

Think quickly as you help a defenceless sprout grow faster and faster on a monumental journey to the top, breaking free of the subterranean nightmares hidden in the depths below.

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  • Meet the team


Twiddly Studio is a two-man game development team that instill a huge amount of heart and creativity into their mobile games.

Being multi-platform gamers for many years they love to see innovation in gaming and to put a spin on it with their own style.

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