SUM IDEA: Logic Number Puzzles

Out Now for your iPad, iPhone and iPod touch

What's your next move?

Discover your inner genius, pitting your wits against Professor Addkins who is going all out to challenge your lateral thinking with a one-of-a-kind, logic number puzzle game full of 'Eureka!' moments.

Focus your mind on switching numerical and mathematical tiles to change values or reverse a tiles function to ultimately match Professor Addkins' perplexing solution.

☆ 140 levels set in Professor Addkins' eccentric world

☆ Elegant minimalist interface with beautiful animations

☆ No lives to run out of - so freely replay levels

☆ Compete against your Facebook friends

☆ Universal - for iPad, iPhone and iPod touch

☆ Includes awesome iMessage emojis and stickers

  • Simply put, SUM IDEA is an ingenious and seamless number puzzle game that will surely put your mind through its paces. 24 June 2015
  • This is a good puzzle app to own to exercise logic, perception, and tactical thinking. 20 May 2015
  • Charming throughout, with visuals that keep you happy as you scratch your head...has that Layton-esque quality to it. 27 February 2015
  • SUM IDEA is a great game for all ages and with the cute animation and unique puzzle solving you are sure to enjoy playing it. 26 February 2015
Sum Idea - TIGA Games Industry Awards Finalist 2015
Sum Idea - Free-to-play iOS logic number puzzle - Puzzle gameplay

Add, Subtract and Transform sliding tiles and solve Professor Addkins' puzzles

Sum Idea - Free-to-play iOS logic number puzzle - Discover fun and inventive boosters

If puzzles leave you scratching your head and you need a tip - throw a dog a bone!

Sum Idea  - Free-to-play iOS logic number puzzle - Explore Professor Addkins' extraordinary world on iPhone, iPad and iPod touch

Take on over 100 puzzles to challenge your mind with more levels to come

SUM IDEA has Free Stickers!
Sum Idea - Stickers for every mood. With new animated stickers. Available on the App Store.
Support and FAQs
Do I need to be good at math to play SUM IDEA?
As long as you can add and subtract 1 and enjoy strategic, logic puzzles then SUM IDEA is the game for you.
Which devices are supported?
SUM IDEA runs exclusively on iOS devices and will work with devices that support iOS 8 or higher.

To find out which operating system that your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch uses, please follow these steps:

• Access the 'Settings' button on your device's the Home screen
• Select 'General'
• Go to 'About'
• Your device's current operating system will be displayed next to 'Version'
Where can I send feedback or suggestions?
We really appreciate the time players put into providing us with feedback and suggestions to improve our products. Please send your feedback about our mobile games to or contact us through our Facebook page.
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